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Fusion Splicer Sumitomo T-81C Z1C, Serba Murah Cuma Di Pawama!

Splicer SUMITOMO T-81C “”TYPE-81C direct core monitoring fusion splicer was developed on the basis of the concept of ” ultra fast splicing in every environment. ” While compact, lightweight, rugged and durable, the TYPE-81C is capable of the fastest splice cycle time. Its touch screen display and remote support via internet enhance user friendliness, making…

Fusion Splicer / Fujikura 70s, 80s | Harga Terbaik

“”Fusion Splicer FUJIKURA 70S”” “”The Fujikura 70S is the world’ s fastest core alignment fusion splicer. Incorporating the proven features pioneered by Fujikura, the 70S has added automated user control features to increase splicing efficiency. A user programmable wind protector automatically closes to initiate the splice process, and opens upon splice completion. Fully programmable ”…